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Superior Residential Upholstery Services

Bring a Fresh Look to Your Home

Your furniture will look fabulous after Runde Custom Upholstery repairs, restores, and rejuvenates it. Have your antique furniture restored or modernized, the choice is yours. Alternatively, simply have your normal everyday items freshened up so they can look beautiful and show off their true potential.  We also offer a line of in-house custom built furniture using unique woods, metals, and even antlers. 

Superior Residential Upholstery Services

Bring a Fresh Look to Your Home


Residential Upholstery Services

  • Restoring

  • Repairing

  • Modernizing

  • Antiques

  • Chairs and couches

  • Bedroom furniture

  • Residential furniture

  • Commercial furniture

We love to create new designs every day and look forward to hearing from you if you should have any special requests or projects that pose a challenge.   This is what we do, and are eager to assist in any way we can.   


The Nook Look

Breakfast nooks with their booth-style seating and storage invite activity beyond shared meals. A nook is designed to entertain and bring people together. Serving as a mini dining room off the kitchen, a breakfast nook is made to fill a corner with its charm and style. These uniquely handcrafted nooks will contribute greatly to your social gatherings. Share a glass of wine, enjoy a pizza night or get out the board games that store right in the nook benches and have some fun. 


Nature's Way

Each piece of wood and antler is carefully hand selected, crafted and sealed to enhance it's beauty and character.  Every custom creation is unique and individually built in the hard of the Midwest- Dubuque, Iowa. Each piece reveals it's own art with curves, textures and appearance.  Whether you need a desk, end table, dining set of coffee table, we can built it just for you!



Restful Nights

At the core of our woodwork and furniture design is the desire to create something useful that endures the test of time. At Runde Custom Upholstery, every custom piece is built with the highest quality materials out there that we guarantee will last generations. We are always experimenting, learning, and exploring new styles. Your home is unique and should reflect your style and personality. We want to help make that happen so each piece is made with you in mind. 

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